The Fly-Bottle

Connecting Farsi-Speaking Scholars


سلسله جلسات تفکر انتقادی با موضوع شهر

Our Work

The Fly-Bottle academic discussions aim to bring together scholars, graduate students, and inquisitive minds to exchange research ideas.

The Fly-Bottle "Woman, Life, Freedom" initiative intends to bring together experts to deepen our understanding of the roots and desires of this movement.

The Fly-Bottle podcast is an interview-based podcast that features conversations with Farsi-speaking researchers from around the world.

The Fly-Bottle Webinars feature presentations delivered by scholars from any field in an interview-based environment with a few of our community members.

Our Story

The Fly-Bottle is a non-profit, community-run organization interested in fostering communal inquiries among scholars and intellectuals. The first iteration of The Fly-Bottle emerged in 2020, when a group of Farsi-speaking graduate students and postdocs in Canada and the United States convened virtually with an ambition to think together. Learn more about us ...

Listen to our latest podcast

Season 2, Ep.10- Safoura Moeeni: The conundrum of women’s participation in Iran’s job market

In this episode of the Fly-Bottle podcast, Alireza Mahmoudi talks to Safoura Moeeni about her paper “The Effects of Labor Market Opportunities on Education: The Case of a Female Hiring Ceiling in Iran,” co-authored with Atsuko Tanaka.  Read more...