The Fly-Bottle Webinars feature presentations delivered by scholars from any field in an interview based environment with a few of our community members. The audience can get involved in discussions through the online chat box. Please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to be notified about our meetings.

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امیر کیانپور (نویسنده و پژوهشگر)

شورا مکارمی (مرکز ملی تحقیقات علمی در پاریس)

سهیل پارسا

هنرمند آزاد و منفرد، مدیر سابق کمپانی تئاتر مدرن تایمز

Asef Bayat

Ph.D. in Social Sciences - Sociology and Politics

The Catherine and Bruce Bastian

Professor of Global and Transnational Studies, University of Illinois

Mehrzad Boroujerdi

Vice Provost and Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education at Missouri University of Science and Technology