Session 26: Forensic Architecture: A Perspectival Operation


It is possible to understand an investigation as a perspectival operation for the way it proposes new conditions of knowing, seeing and doing. Organised around the ongoing work of Forensic Architecture on the 2017 fire at Grenfell Tower, this talk engages with aesthetics as a dual field of sensing and sense-making and sets out to contextualised its power as an investigative practice. 

Speaker's Biography:

Dr Samaneh Moafi is the Assistant Director of Research at Forensic Architecture, a multidisciplinary group in Goldsmiths, University of London that uses architectural techniques to investigate cases of state violence, violations of human rights and environmental destruction. Samaneh is responsible for identifying new areas of research, overseeing research quality and integrity, and directing the innovation of new analytic techniques, methodologies, and processes. She assembles and oversees project teams and workflows, as well as training and staff time dedicated to particular streams of the research and development of technologies and methods outside of project work. Samaneh is also responsible for the Febrayer/FA Investigative Lab and will provide advice and support across FA’s affiliates on research issues.