Session 19: Lacanian Topology Against  Narcissism

Guest Speaker:  Alireza Taheri (Toronto Psychoanalysis Society and Institute)

APRIL 23rd, 2023 

In this talk, Alireza Taheri provides an introduction to Lacanian topology and its implications for philosophy and psychoanalysis.

Suggested reading before the meeting

Speaker’s Biography

Alireza Taheri provides psychoanalytic psychotherapy in a private practice in Toronto where he is also actively involved in teaching Lacanian theory at the Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute and Society. Alireza is a faculty member of PersPsy (Persepolis Psychoanalytic) through which he teaches psychoanalytic theory and practice to students in Tehran (Iran). He is also engaged in writing articles and books on philosophy, psychoanalysis, film and literature. Alireza has recently published a monograph with Routledge entitled Hegelian-Lacanian Variations on Late Modernity: Spectre of Madness where he develops a novel dialectical theory based on readings of Hegel, Lacan and Žižek. His current research focuses on Lacanian theories of psychosis. He is also currently developing the concept of spectral materialism as the highest guarantee for the safeguarding of modernity in the face of contemporary regressions to the premodern.