Session 12: A Very Short Introduction to Sexualities


In this session, I first talk about "sex" and "gender" as two different constructs. I further define sexuality. Heterosexuality and queer sexualities then will be discussed. Finally, I will focus on gay persons, lesbian individuals, bisexual people, trans persons, and other non-heterosexual non-cis people.

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Speaker’s Biography:

Mannie Mirzaei is currently writing his PhD dissertation on diasporic Iranian masculinities. He started his PhD program in 2019 in the Department of Psychology and Health Studies (Culture, Health, and Heman Development [CHHD] stream) at the University of Saskatchewan. His focus in his PhD program is on sexualities, particularly, contemporary masculinities. He has published several papers; for example, "Hijab Pornography: A Content Analysis of Internet Pornographic Videos" (2022 in VAW). Mannie did his BS degree in Social Work (BSW)  at USWR (2002-2006). He worked as a social worker for around 10 years in Tehran and Shiraz. In 2012, he was accepted in an MA program in Political Science at Kharazmi University (2012-2014; MA GPA: 19.14/20). His concentration in his MA program was on Political Thought. In fact, political through - both political theory and political philosophy - has always been his main academic area of interest: In his BSW, MA, and PhD programs, he has always centered his research around topics in political thought such as justice, equality, etc.